Real World Testing


Temperature Test



Official Document – Hardness by Pencil Test (500g), Alkali Resistance, Acid Resistance, Salt Solution Resistance

Hardness by Pencil Test (1000g)


Official Document – Toxicity Test (Non Toxic)


Ceramic Pro 9H








test report CP TAG


Ceramic PRO Strong / 9H series is compliant with the Europe REACH program,

Ceramic Pro Strong / 9H is not harmful to the environment or human health. Report



Official Document – Wind Tunnel Test


Official Document – Hardness by Pencil Test (1000g)


Official Document – Ceramic Pro Marine (International Maritime Organization Standards)


Ceramic Pro Strong Internal Test Certificate – Report


Anti Graffiti Anti Vandalism

Ceramic Pro Rain TEST


Unique protective coatings for all automotive surfaces




Scratch Resistance Hardness

hypochlorous acid resistance test


Dry test

Fabric Coating

Ceramic Pro on footwear


High speed camera

Ceramic Pro Leather

Fire test

Anti Ice


Ceramic Pro for wood surface protection

complete and durable protective coating system

Guide on Ceramic Pro products Worlds leading surface protection coatings

Protective solution for kitchen’s and bathroom’s

Ceramic Pro Wheel Caliper Coating

Ceramic Pro applied on matte paint

Protect Your BBQ

Ceramic Pro for Phone

Permanent Protective Coatings for Any Types of Surfaces!