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Ceramic Wheel Coating Services

Ceramic Wheel Coating Services: Your wheels take more abuse than any other part of your car; brake dust is notorious for getting into the wheels’ cracks, crevasses & etching on your calipers.

The Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Package is an excellent investment for the life-time of your tires.

We clean, decontaminate & coat with Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper; the self-cleaning after effects, makes it incredibly easy to wash your wheels & calipers with just soap & water, because you longer need expensive specialty cleaners.

Keep your alloy wheels & Calipers looking sharp, Contact Ceramic Pro Ireland Today! It’s Free 2 Talk!

Ceramic Wheel Coating Services

from €199

The new coated surface repels brake dust & dirt, & it also prevents surface corrosion/staining while enhancing the depth & colour.

  • Wheels removed, deep cleaned/sealed
  • Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper (inside and outside)


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