Exterior Paint Correction

Paint Correction What is it?

Car Exterior Paint Correction is the process of removing minor scratches and imperfections found in the vehicle’s exterior paint surface.

Ceramic Pro 9H nano ceramic coating + Kavaca PPF is the optimal protection that restores your car’s paintwork back to Concours D Elegance.

Car Exterior Paint Correction

After washing & waxing using expensive car shampoo, you’re going to notice visible imperfections on the car’s surface; Ceramic pro exterior paint correction is the only solution that works.

Sport Pack: 6 Months Protection

Bronze Pack: 2 Years Protection

Silver Pack: 5 Years Protection

Gold Pack: Lifetime Protection

What Parts Needs Protection?

Front Bumper – This is the entry-level PPF, where the film is applied to the front bumper, headlights, and fog lights.

Partial Front  Clear Bra – The clear bra installation is applied to the front bumper, top of the hood, headlights, and frontal exposed area.

Full Front – The full front expands the coverage to include the entire hood, front fenders, & sideview mirrors. It also includes the door cups, or the background of door handles.

Entire Vehicle – With the full vehicle PPF, the entire vehicle paintwork is protected against rock chips, road debris, ice melt, gravel, and blowing sand.

Protect your investment, our exterior paint protection solution, adds lifetime value to your vehicle. Ceramic Pro Ireland. Contact us | It’s Free 2 Talk!


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