About us

Ceramic Pro Ireland was created in mind with drivers who value top quality in auto detailing.

We are professional specialists when it comes to car refining on a highest of levels.

We offer a whole span of services, from detailed cleaning and refining to conserving and securing the paint of any vehicle with the highest quality of deliverance of our services.

Ceramic Pro’s professional product line has been created by the global technology leader Nanoshine LTD (Taiwan).

At its core is a unique ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics) forming solid coatings.

Ceramic Pro ensures unmatched possibilities for preservation of surfaces of cars, sailboats, boats, aircrafts, construction and industrial objects, garments, accessories, etc.

It guarantees an ideal appearance and protection of any surface.

  • Ceramic Pro is a modern method of complex multifunctional protection.
  • Ceramic Pro helps to preserve appearance and increase lifetime of goods.
  • Ceramic Pro guarantees protection and care for any surface.
  • Ceramic Pro stands for modern standards of detailing and professional ethics.
  • Ceramic Pro offers an advanced ceramic cover layer to secure the paint.

It is the best solution for all kind of vehicles – new, antique and used ones.

Ceramic Pro is a product of great resilience and can withstand very high temperatures.

Ceramic Pro 9H is the only product on the market that holds a toughness certificate made by German institute SGS.

No other cover holds a document of assurance of an equal testing and standard.

Original products from a legal distribution are always confirmed and legitimized with an additional certificate of authenticity that is made for every protecting paint cover substance.

Such certificate is made for every vehicle that was treated with such product.

Bearing in mind that there are products on the market that are a scam, always ask for certificate of authenticity along with a hologram, which all authorized experts hold.

Our multiple stage process of paint regeneration will satisfy the most demanding customers with its depth of colour and mirror-like shine that will make your vehicle to stand out among others.

To give you the best quality service we always make sure that our equipment and precision are always kept with the highest standard.

Applying a highly advanced equipment it is a complex and long process to apply paint cover, but the outcome of properly applied service will let you enjoy a full depth of your vehicles colour.

An outstanding precision and commitment to the service we provide will also let you enjoy an excellent look of your vehicle for years to come.

We bring experience and passion together with newest technologies and we have established an exceptional place for customers, who value the highest quality of services provided.

In our workshop, each car is treated with special care and individuality to its nature.

We use ONLY the highest quality of products that hold certificate of authenticity.

Drive a New Car Every Day With Ceramic Pro