European Distributors conference

Last weekend (2.02 – 04.02.2018) we attended Ceramic Pro European Distributors Conference hosted by Ceramic Pro Belgium. 
It was a fantastic opportunity to meet our colleagues from different countries, Ireland, Scotland, France, Netherlands, England, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Turkey, Germany.Share our application,  business and marketing experience and once again to demonstrate what a great  TEAM we are!We do support each other, we do provide outstanding support to our applicators and partners,we are The Ceramic Pro Team!

We been Applicating PPF & Vinyl and PPF & Vinyl Topcoat! A different perspective on Ceramic Pro applications. During the “meeting of European distributors” in Belgium we reviewed the improved products and methods of Ceramic Pro.We could admire beautiful cars
coated with Ceramic Pro.

We were awarded Certified Enthusiast in the Ceramic Pro community.

Thank you for a nice time and we look forward to the next meeting.

Ceramic Pro IE is actively looking for experienced detailers to joint the most rapidly expanding network of the Ceramic Pro Approved Applicators.

Ceramic Pro is the best surface protection coating on the market! Whether you are an existing detailing or car wrapping business and you would like to expand your services adding Ceramic Pro to your portfolio, we are here to help and discuss this in more details.

Full training and ongoing technical and marketing support will be provided.

Contact us for more information.

Ph: +353857671916 ( 10-18 )